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BBW Heaven Review

Reviewed: 2009-10-12
Quick site rank and complete review of BBW Heaven | Categories: Amateur, Fetish

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 80/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 9/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 2/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For BBWHeaven

User Rating: 55/100 - based on 100 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Join by credit card via Verotel for $14.95 for 30 days recurring at $12.95, $18.95 for 30 days non-recurring, $55.00 for 180 days.

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My Opinion About BBWHeaven

When I first reviewed BBW Heaven back in 2006, I loved the selection of plump babes, although I can't say that I was impressed with the organisation. However, it's been three years since then, and much has improved.

BBWHeaven remains an amateur plumper site. Aside from big to super large gals, another thing that the site prides itself on is the personal interaction between models and members. This is certainly one of the site's strengths, and you can find contact information for your favourite plumper on her profile page. There are 17 featured models and, at the moment, nine guest models.

Each exclusive BBW has her own bio page where you can learn plenty of intimate details about them and their lives. If you want to know the wildest thing they've done sexually and even their hottest fantasies. You can also access all of their photos and videos from these pages. However, there is a lot more content on BBWHeaven and you can access it through the archives link. While it's nice to be able to find all of one model's content in one place, I'd also love to see some additional search features. The site is better than it was, but it could still benefit from better organization.

Currently, you'll uncover around 431 pictures and 92 complete vids. It's certainly a full amount, especially considering the inexpensive monthly fee. Also, you can look forward to anywhere between 10 and 15 updates a month, which is a better schedule than most sites. There is also free access to another BBW site called BrandyJuggs.

As mentioned, the style is amateur. Photos look like snapshots and movies seem home made. There are approximately 30 photos per set (1280x960). Many images are crisp, some, like a set called 'Sexy In Silver' with BBW Bunny are slightly blurry and some, like one called 'Vacation' featuring a voluptuous mature named Beverly Bodylicious, are grainy. Amateur fans may not mind this. Many newer videos are around 932kbps 640x480 with a clear image and stereo sound. The newest WMV video on the site is called 'Camshow Diva' and, at 512kbps 320x240, it's obvious that this is from a cam show. This tends to be the quality of many archived videos.

Final Verdict

Aside from a great price and being able to interact with models through email, another advantage is variety. BBW Heaven blends solo, lesbian and male/plumper girl scenes. Action appears to depend on each independent spirit. The gals who love doing videos tend to do a lot of them and they enjoy showing off their cock gobbling skills. Photo divas tend to stick with doing photosets, but every once in a while expose themselves in movies. You get a good amateur collection on this site and the women range from plump to nearly (but not quite) super-size and if this is what you're after, then by all means share in the pleasure that is BBW Heaven.

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2006-12-28The Best Porn70

Average score on other review sites : 70/100

User Comments

2008 Jun 07, 04:13, Hawaii
Obviously , if you look at the user rating , it's alot higher than you guys rated it ... I love this site !!!

2006 Dec 06, 13:29, here
I can only speak for my partner that is on the site and I know she does the best content she can with the amaetuer equipment we have. Even though it is amaeteur we have still spent 100's of dollars on this equipment. If anybody wants to donate better/professional equipment to her, props, stuff like that we will GLADLY take professional pictures....although, the negative side of this is she woudl then not fit into this wonderful home she has made at bbw heaven because she woudln't be an amaeteur model.......

I am guessing from comments she has received from fans/members that they all like the site just fine!

Thank you but would appreciate a better review, more accurate, more current :)

2006 Dec 06, 13:22, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
I dont know where the rater gets off trashtalking this lovely site. The ladies on this site do this for the most part just for fun, and enjoy the work. That is why the members sign up, and the pricing well HELL BELLS, you can't beat it. It is less if not have as much as other sites and you get 18 different models. So, how does the rater call that bad. And as to the broken aching butt...they all work, and so what if some dont have sound....ameteurs dont always have that ability. So, next time maybe you will rate this site again and give it a fair rating, and dont wait so long after acquiring your screenshots to post rating review so that they (the screenshots) are not outdated.

2006 Dec 06, 13:13, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
I dont know where the rater got his/her information about BBW Heaven, but it is an ameteur site and most of the members like myself sign up for that reason.

2006 Nov 30, 12:04, BBW-Heaven
As webmaster of this site, I'm very surprised by this review. We have no dead links whatsoever, as noted in your review and we offer more updates than any site I've ever seen, between 3-5 a week. That only garners a 6 out of 10 for update frequecy? We have 17 AMATUER models, as in not professionals. They shoot the pics themselves and do it for fun, as you can see in most of the pictures. Clearly the reviewer did not see the word "AMATEUR" plastered all over the site, but if she did, maybe she confused that term with something else. Videos are less than pristine quality? Well, I put it to my members a while back, we can show the videos the ladies do themselves, or not have any. Most of our members love the videos. I'd be thrilled with higher quality, but that's unrealistic given our models are not PROFESSIONALS. To call this site "Quite poor BBW site, with plenty of dead links and other problems." is simply untrue. And to give us a 1 out of 5 in navigation is ridiculous. I have never heard 1 problem with anyone not being able to easily navigate the site. I suggest you have another reviewer take a look and perhaps you'll see why this posted review does not reflect reality.

2006 Nov 20, 10:44, bbw-heaven
Clearly these are OLD screen shots as you are missing atleast 3 models off of there! You should try viewing the site within a reasonable amount of time before posting your review. These screen shots are SEVERAL months old!!! Lots of work has been put into this site since these screen shots were taken off of there.

As for your different ratings
1)As for the quality...this is an amaeteur site. Most of the models have amaeteur equipment, not professional equipment to do their pics/videos with. The members are aware of this when purchasing their memberships.
2)Purchase Value: You get 17 models plus any guest models for a very low price, some websites charge more than this for 1 model and don't update as often.
3)Update Frequency: This site is updated 3-5 times a week...if not more than that. I don't see how that is not often enough?
4) Content Variety: with 17 different can their not be a variety of pictures? There is a lot of you stated some med to extra large models. Something for everybody :)
5) Tour Promise/Reality: there is exactly what it says there will be in the tour...samples of photos....which is what most sites give you.
6) Originality: All models do their photos....individually so each chooses what they are doing...they are all exclusive to BBW-Heaven. So, how can they not be original....when this is the ONLY site they are posted on??
7) Navigation: It is VERY simple to get around in....point and click. How much easier can it get??? I don't see how anybody can have a hard time getting around this site.

"Each plumper has at least six sets of photos, which ends up being over a hundred sets. The photography is amateur, but the 800x600 images are clear. They aren't huge pictures or anything, but they do give you a good view of cottage cheese thighs, dimpling buttocks and folding bellies. May of the sets are of single models either showing off their bodacious bodies or playing with their plump pussies. However, every once in a while, you get to see some blowjobs and hardcore."
My reply to this...most models have more than 6 sets...Most sets have a LOT of pics....25-30 or more. per set....that's a LARGE amount of photos. Of course the photography is's an amaeteur site!!!!

Some girls have biography details, some provide Q&A's for more information, but there is no consistency.
Some models choose to do things differently. As we all are on one site. What each models does is up to her for the most part. We don't have a site that is under dictatorship....I personally as a model love that. Our webmaster is awesome...but not a MASTER :) he doesnt dominate or tell us what we HAVE to do!

Final Verdict:
I had high hopes for this site, but when you get down to it, BBW Heaven has some great looking fatties, but some horrible video content. Thankfully, the price is cheap, but I still think it's a waste of money considering that you get dead links, disappointing movies, half decent photos and an organization that's reminiscent of a flea market. As it stands, this site is on my "to avoid" list.

How is it a get 17 get 3-5 new sets each week...maybe more...depends on how everything falls...There are some totally hot models on this site...The video clips are amaeteur as well.

I know as a model I try to make my pics look as professional as I can with what I have. I have a good quality camera, yet it is still amaetuer pictures. However that is what some men like...they like the fact that they are amaeteur, and that we are real women doing the pics because we enjoy it. They want to be able to see a real woman in real action!

Even with great professional equipment you're going to get amaeteur photos. If you have an amaeteur taking the photos and an amaeteur in the photos. I know personally my husband takes my photos. He's not a photographer, we take the photos because we enjoy doing it and the guys love the pics! Isn't that what it's all about??

2006 Nov 20, 07:50, California
I love the site! I find it NOT a waste of money, with beautiful models!

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